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Changes since version 4.1:

– Free Play is now the default.

– Fixed the default coin auditing to match the coin door configuration shipped from the factory.

– Added many new topper & flasher effects.

– Allow staged flipper stacks to be reversed for each flipper.

– Renamed OPEN DOOR SAVE adjustment to BALL SAVE AFTER TEST, to make it more clear how this works (we can’t detect when the door is open).

– Fixed case where all the balls were out of play, but the game would not end the ball. This could happen in rare conditions when a ball was locked in the hypersleep chamber.

– Changed so that the drop bank is not reset at the end of multiball if all of the targets are known to be up already.

– Increase the time that the posts are kept up on the orbits by half a second.

– Fixed the airlock display timer pausing or abruptly jumping sometimes.

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