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Check this page for all applicable Game and Firmware updates to your game. In case you run into troubles, be sure to secure a backup copy of the old system to restore.

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Alien "live" Documentation

The documentation is "live". Updates and additions will come here. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us and we will look into it.

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General Information
Unpacking instructions 01
Playfield Parts
1004-01-02-00 - Alien Rubber List - Rev_A104-01-01-00 - Playfield Ski System
Controller Boxes
202-02-01-01 - Cabinet Controller Box - Info Card202-02-02-02 - Backbox Controller Box - Info Card202-02-03-00 - Playfield Controller Box - Info Card
201-03-02-01 - Playfield Controller board - Overview201-03-02-01 - Playfield Controller board - Schematics
210-02-01-00 - Left Flipper Mech V01211-01-02-00 - Trough V02212-01-01-00 - Autolaunch V01212-02-01-00 - Kicker 30dg V02213-01-01-00 - Standard Slingshot V01
214-50-02-00 - Scoop With Subway215-01-02-00 - Up Post V02
216-01-03-00 - Target LED 15x25mm V01216-01-04-00 - Target LED 25x25mm V01216-03-02-00 - Droptarget 3 Bank V02299-01-01-00 - Playfield Magnet V01
Ramps, Rails and Platforms
1003-01-01-00 - Left Ramp1003-01-02-00 - Center Ramp1003-01-03-00 - Reverso Ramp1006-01-06-00 - Left Platform1006-01-07-00 - Right Platform