It’s here!


The Beast is back!


We realize there is a lot of buzz about our product right now. Please be patient and refresh this page from time to time – we will try to keep you all updated on the latest developments.


The Alien Pinball Machine is too awesome to just disappear into deep space! Too much effort was put into the game for it not to be appreciated by as many pinball fans as possible. It has had a significant overhaul to its electronics and has generally been improved even further.

Soon you will be able to purchase Alien from our distributors worldwide. Pinball Brothers will take no pre-orders and will not ask for pre-payment. You can only order via distributors. »Pay and play – like pinball should be!«

What is the price?

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) is 
$8.595 for Standard Version (SV) and 
$10.695 for Limited Version (LV) – tba Sept 24, 2021. 

International pricing may vary due to shipment and taxes 
of the distributors. We advise you inquire with them directly.


We will offer vouchers worth at least 50% of their loss, to any private customer who prepaid for an Alien Pinball Machine from Heighway Pinball that was not delivered.

Why Vouchers?

Pinball Brothers is not Heighway Pinball. But we can offer vouchers towards the cost of our games to 
the people who deserve it for hanging in there and who believed in the Alien concept. The vouchers can be used with all of our distributors when you buy a Pinball Machine from Pinball Brothers.

Who can apply?

Send an email to with the following information:
• Proof of payment showing currency, amount, date and to what bank account you made the payment.
• Proof of not getting your money back. For example, a statement from Paypal or your credit card
 company that this money was not insured and did not get paid back.
• Dialogue with Heighway Pinball (Emails etc. to back up your claim.)
This is a voluntary offer by Pinball Brothers. We will decide who is eligible and a voucher claim cannot
 be enforced by legal action or otherwise.

Offer Expiry

Requests can be made until 28th February 2021. After review by us, vouchers will be distributed in
 April 2021 to those who are eligible. Expiry date for vouchers is 31st December 2023.